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    Our special focus is on Rehabilitation of Street Children,
    Health, Education and Renewable Energy for ALL


SOSUIBEN is an International Humanitarian Organisation dedicated to providing Education and Health care solutions to the less privileged ones in Africa, especially to the street Children and Ex-Child Soldiers from war raven Countries of the Continent. The word SOSUIBEN is a French word which stands for ‘’Solidarité Suisse Benzambe,’’ meaning ‘’Switzerland Solidarity/Support for Benson’’. Madeleine Winkler founded the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) “SOSUIBEN” in 2009 in Switzerland and went on to register the NGO as well in the Central African Republic and Nigeria. The Swiss Lady with African root thus laid the foundation for the formal development of active aid for the destitute.

SOSUIBEN has established itself as an important humanitarian conduit in the Central African Republic with several projects in Hospital (Health Care), Education & Schools, Road Rehabilitation, Drinking Water & Sanitation, Sports Academy, Renewable Energy and Agricultural development which more often than not has brought about lucrative employment opportunities for the unemployed Youths. This initiative took place because we consider it a fundamental human right and the most noble act to support the people who have less in the world, who suffer from hunger and who hardly have access to basic health care and education.

Urgent Causes

Children To Get Bigger Home and Healthcare

Our sworn mission is to provide home, healthcare, sports training, support and caregiving to the impoverished children, youths and women in Africa. At SOSUIBEN we believe every child deserves a healthy start and ultimately a bright future. This is in our DNAs.


We Encourage Child Education

Children’s development during their early stage is strongly affected by their environment, and that effect continues to exert a strong influence on the rest of their lives. It is of utmost importance that educational and life skills programmes such as offered by SOSUIBEN also begin at this early stage.


Reforestation Project

Reforestation is the consequence of deforestation which according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, is a complete clearance of trees. SOSUIBEN’s reforestation project is a planned programme to re-grow vegetation that is lost due to human activity, natural calamity or climate change.


Providing Fundamental Needs

We rely on our network of supporters and people like you to change the life stories of abandoned street children in Africa and to give a gift of hope to the destitute. Take action today and help us change a life.


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Women Empowerment

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Sports Academy

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In SOSUIBEN we usually have volunteering opportunities across the Countries we operate in Africa. We currently have over 50 volunteers who support our work, and who assist in making priceless contributions to the organisation during the period of their services.


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