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It is estimated that there are seven billion people on this beautiful planet. Apparently one of the things we all have in common is that we need a daily meal. Certainly it’s a basic need. Some people have sufficient food, whereas others don’t have enough or even lack food entirely. However, there are many compassionate organizations like ours that are improving agriculture in developing Countries.

As much as food is a basic need for us all, unfortunately access to it is not always guaranteed. At SOSUIBEN, we try to amplify the work we are doing in some African Countries in order to call the attention of the world and by so doing we ultimately help to curb the big issue of food shortage and help people in need. We are doing invaluable work trying to improve the food system.

Through efforts directed towards improving agriculture and training people in efficient agricultural practices, we enable them to provide for themselves in a sustainable way.

As part of our program we provide start-up capital and financing because we understand that agriculture is directly linked to human well-being.

We have been working to build the capacity and knowledge of rural farmers in ecologically-sound agriculture, thereby increasing yields and improved soil fertility, with a minimal use of chemicals.

SOSUIBEN Agricultural program is all about promoting fair, sustainable food and farm systems all over Africa. We work with organizations, trade unions, farmers from all over Africa, especially in Nigeria and Central African Republic to stop the excessive use of antibiotics in agriculture and aquaculture.We support small farmers in these regions with sustainable agriculture and conservation because we believe in agriculture that nourishes the people while sustaining the planet.