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{SOSUIBEN INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION, the global leader in children and youth education, rehabilitation of ex-child soldiers and purposeful giving, is pleased to announce a charitable contribution of food materials, rice, yam, cassava, seeds and agricultural products to rural women in Imo State, Nigeria. This commitment follows the organisation’s collaboration with AFRICUNIA BANK to support MICRO-LOANS, AGRICULTURE; CLIMATE CHANGE AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMS for the rural populace. Please watch the video: https://youtu.be/EI9c4dCbWAA
“Support from partners like AFRICUNIA BANK is critical during times of economic downturn, especially in Africa,” said Mrs. Madeleine Winkler. “SOSUIBEN can amplify a cash gift by a minimum factor of 5, meaning that for every dollar donated, we can distribute at least $5 in critically needed goods and micro finance loans. This grant will allow us to distribute at least $500,000.00 in goods to those impacted economically.”
“As part of our responsibility to be good corporate citizens, AFRICUNIA BANK is proud to partner with SOSUIBEN on long-term economic recovery initiatives and upliftment from financial destitute of the unbanked,” said Don Chancellor, Founder & President of AFRICUNIA BANK. “We are committed to making a lasting impact in the communities where our associates and our customers call home.” He concluded.


SOSUIBEN’s mission is to transform lives by providing hope, dignity, and a sense of renewed possibility to individuals, families, and communities impacted by wars, disasters or other challenging life circumstances who, without us, would struggle to find that hope. As the global leader in humanitarian services and purposeful giving, we partner with socially responsible companies to source highly needed goods and distribute them through our network of diverse nonprofits that support people in need.


AFRICUNIA Blockchain Digital Bank will be a new and unique Financial Institution that will offer not only traditional banking services related to opening of savings & current accounts, issuing of debit & credit cards, loans and forex exchange services but also will provide innovative banking services such as bank-to-bank transactions, interconnecting the world of traditional finance and cryptocurrency startups. For more information, please visit www.africunia.com
Madeleine Winkler,
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