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As an active organization that is greatly involved in the lives of Children, we have been helping Children in many areas of their lives, helping them to recuperate from their traumatic experiences and sufferings. SOSUIBEN has helped them tremendously having gotten a large area of land for them so that they can be developed physically. The piece of land was prepared for them to be used for sporting activities. As a result of this, they can now engage in numerous field events and be involved in their immediate communities. We believe this will also help them to be relaxed in that they will forget about their suffering, even for a short time.

SOSUIBEN ensures that children feel safe and are given a place of comfort after their numerous traumatic experiences. We rented a large enough house where these children could stay. We accommodate children from the ages of 4 years old to 22. These children are frequently counselled and given the opportunity to speak about their situations and say how they feel. We ensure that these Children are in the right frame of mind to continue their lives and recover to the extent where they feel like they can make it in life.

At this residence, students are given a chance to recuperate in different areas of their lives, to develop holistically in field events. Boys especially, are given football education and major sports events are regularly organised where they are taught the rules of the game. Apparently we observed that our Children who had had the experience to play this sport tend to release any stored up trauma that may have been affecting them. Besides, our Children are also involved in other athletic activities.

At SOSUIBEN we help these Children to feel safe, since we provide them with warm shelter to lay their heads, in addition to the psychotherapist we offer them who does a great job of caring for their mental needs. We ensure that the children have substantial food to eat. Children who are suffering from malnutrition are given the chance to feed healthy and to be developed physically and mentally. More essentially the ailing Children are given medical care and treated from any bruise or any ailments they are suffering from.

We have have accomplished a lot with these Children having made provision for a comfortable accommodation where they have more freedom, in terms of space, and they feel much safer These continuous supports from the organization have helped the children to be mature and to be responsible. The children are also active in the transitioning to the new piece of land where their permanent home will be, helping in, carpentry, plumbing, domestic chores among other minor responsibilities.

We are still actively reaching out to the Nations’ Children and making sure the dejected and provided succour. No doubt, many lives and hearts have been touched by the great work the organization has been doing and will continue to do.