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Central African Repulic


SOSUIBEN is registered in Central African Republic in 2009, the same year the Organisation was registered in Switzerland, the International Headquarters.

Central African Republic is located within the continent of Africa and is comprised of over 622,984 square kilometers of land, making it the 45th largest nation in terms of area. The Central African Republic became an independent State in 1960 after gaining its sovereignty from France. The population of the Central African Republic is about 5,057,208 (2012) and therefore the nation incorporates a density of eight persons per sq. metric linear unit.

In Central Republic of Africa, we have an orphanage home and education centre for the Children and Youths and we work tirelessly hard to meet the needs of the residents. We have been introducing a variety of activities for the people living in Central Africa Republic, especially the Ex-Child Soldiers and Street Children.

Predictably, being a war-torn Country, we have identified many tragedies in the lives of the local people and so we designed many strategies to solve these problems.  One of them being provision food items, clothings, sports equipment, educations, stationaries for school children, renovating homes and even creating homes for the homeless people. We are also engaging them, especially the Children and Youths, in physical activities. We realize that when we engage Children and Youths in sports, they're able to be relieved of tension and pressure that they've been storing up on a daily basis after a devastating civil and political war.  

School children who were not able to attend schools are now going to schools and families who could not generate incomes are now able to meet some of the basic needs of their families, yet the problems persist. There are more work to be done. However, we are comforted by the fact that Kids who were once homeless now have a place to live because we are dedicated to their welfare and we show them love. We employed Counsellors and Psychotherapists who take care of the Children and provide moral and mental support for them. We also ensure that advancement programs are provided for the women in order to enhance their capabilities of supporting their families independently.

We try our uttermost effort to make life easier for them but it’s not always easy for us to meet the needs of these people, however, with the sponsorship and donations from other Countries such as Switzerland, we’re able to meet our minimal targets and goal of rehabilitation for individuals living in Central African Republic.