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We registered SOSUIBEN Foundation in Nigeria in 2016.

Nigeria is geographically located in West Africa. It is a Federal Constitutional Republic comprised of 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. English is the official language of Nigeria, and its currency is the Nigerian monetary unit called Naira (NGN). Nigeria became the biggest economy on the continent in 2014 with Gross Domestic product (GDP) calculated at 373 billion USD for the year 2017, according to Nigerian Bureau of Statistics.

SOSUIBEN has offices in Imo State and Abuja respectively, Nigeria from where we operate and plan our events.

Life in Nigeria is not easy. Millions of its approximate population of 200 million citizens endure social hardship and severe lack, so much so that many people do not have food to eat nor have clean water to drink. Living in rural areas of Nigeria can be very frustrating because of lack of social amenities. Young men, women, and children are gradually beginning to see themselves as second class citizens in their own country and as such of no economical value to the system. These residents are deprived of basic social rights such as housing, good roads, electricity, health care and in many cases fundamental education. Like some other countries in Africa a lot of youths in Nigeria are unable to attend schools due to lack of funds to pay for tuition fees and yet these are intellectual sound beings who would fair better academically when placed side by side with equal peers from the west world and of course if provided level playing field.

Nigerian mothers and young girls have to walk for hours daily to find water. Fathers are not able to carry out their roles adequately as family providers, not because they are lazy, on the contrary Nigerians are hard working people. In the rural areas of Nigeria agricultural farming is almost impossible as a result of impact of climate change and in some cases due to the lack of water. SOSUIBEN has ensured that we install irrigation system for the benefit of the farmers. We plan to dig water wells per village where rainwater can be stored and kept safely for community members to use. Thus helping people to do more work and accomplish their goals throughout the day. We have also incorporated physical activities such as football, running, and swimming practices in their lives. We train the youths in Solar energy panels installations, provide micro-finance loans to the peasant farmers; and when we have had sufficient funds we bought and shared food products to the rural women to feed their families.

We ensure that gender equality and equity is at the forefront of all our projects where both males and females feel satisfied and accomplished. With the help of our goodwill Ambassadors and donor Organisations we have been able to alleviate some issues that affect the people of Nigeria.