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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is very important for the Earth’s survival and we are deeply involved in the provision of renewal energy to rural areas of Africa.

In our quest to mitigate the adverse impact of global warming and climate change, our Organisation in collaboration with our Technical Partners use Photovoltaic Technology to deliver solar energy in a way that leaves the smallest carbon footprint of any method of solar power - half that of conventional solar panels. While policy debates between renewable or non-renewable energy still occur, the fact is that the world is riding a wave toward more and more renewable energies such as solar, wind, and biofuels. To put numbers on it, the International Energy Agency projects that 40 percent of the planet's energy will be renewable by 2040. From a global warming perspective, we at SOSUIBEN, believe that this shift away from fossil fuels will be crucial to our future viability.

Recognising that climate change and agriculture are interrelated processes, we have therefore devoted a great amount of time in agriculture and best farming practices in our passion to providing food for the poor and destitute in Central African Republic, Cameroon, Congo Democratic Republic, Benin Republic, Senegal and Nigeria.