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Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Human development is inextricably linked with the availability and steadiness of community infrastructures and community-based assets, such as physical and institutions assets. In Africa, they have experienced great devastation of physical infrastructures and this has rapidly triggered severe financial and social consequences. For example, in Africa, once the sole route or link to a community is covered by flooding or destroyed by earthquake, or generally due to mere inaccessibility of a given road, the population might become isolated from essential services, as well as adequate food, water and sanitation, treatment, education, social and cultural support, and employment,terribly threatening their livelihoods.


Due to these challenges, SOSUIBEN have implemented and executed many plans such as road reconstruction, renewable energy provision, water well drilling, schools and hospitals rehabilitation so as to reduce the occurrences of these issues and danger of losing critical assets. Based on our projects and researches that we have carried out, it is evident that the worst-affected communities and households tend to be those areas that are already declared foremost vulnerable and impoverished and are not able to deal with natural disasters.

SOSUIBEN is helping to repair the community’s infrastructures in post-disaster settings and restore the social and economic networks upon which the resident depends on. We are restoring numerous accesses to community infrastructures with the assistance of the community teams whom we have organized to deliver peace among the victims and to ‘shun’ every appearance of conflict, give moral support, as well as promote social unity.

We are engaged in many activities in Africa, such as supporting the rehabilitation of community infrastructures. These include, re-establishing prior access to important basic services, giving access to different communities, as well as providing humanitarian support and care. SOSUIBEN ensures fast supply of financial gain within the direct aftermath of a tragedy for all affected villages. We help to strengthen the social bond and social cohesion between members of the villages and our support/rescue teams.We make this possible by promoting trade and exchange and support of labour. With all these areas in Africa being prone to natural disasters we try our best to make them more resilient against natural catastrophe.

We work together to build the capability of villages in administrating and engineering techniques. We contribute in the restoration of state authorities through our improved delivery of basic social services. Despite challenges, we have approached infrastructural issues comprehensively to achieve community infrastructural rehabilitation by encouraging residence who have left to return and rebuild their communities.

We help villages to strengthen partnership with native leaders of various villages. With this rehabilitation of rural areas in Africa people will have proper access to markets and they can generate income for their families. In view all these efforts and plans, we have been able to offer better future to the people of villages of Africa and made them capable of developing their full potentials - their talents and skills. All these projects having been putting smiles on the faces of Africans since they have new corridors for economic development and resources for travelling across the country.