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Sports Academy

In Central African Republic (CAR) we are partnering with another Professional Football Academy called ‘’Sport Unit’’ to train our Children and Youths. In the light of the tremendous efforts and feat we have attained so far under the leadership of our Head Trainer, Yvon Zaccharias, we consider ourselves champions in the sports community with regards to delivering and supporting initiatives that promote fair play, education, and other various benefits of sports for our Children & Youths.

We initially began with the mission to provide Central African Republic Children and Youths with a positive outlet and escape from the war realities and stresses of their environment.  Almost 10 years on, our NGO has grown to inspire and empower young people – especially girls – aged 7 to 25 through Sports and Education. Today SOSUIBEN has gone international, reaching thousands of children and young people and promoting a unique youthful community.

Apparently, holistic development through community sports programmes and promoting active lifestyles, encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to practise sport lie at the heart of the SOSUIBEN’s activities.

We work at the grassroots by developing and implementing a variety of sports and sports-based programmes for young marginalised and underprivileged Africans in various settings and institutions. Our mission is to help children and young people to have access to sport and grow into confident, healthy and competent individuals. As part of our efforts, we also train sports coaches, teachers and community trainers, and works with institutions to ensure our programmes are run effectively.

We intend to expand our Community Sports Programme to all over Africa in order to benefit more young people living in slum settlements through the provision of sports equipment, upgrading sports infrastructure and training coaches.