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Clean Water

The lack of proper water has become a major cause of poverty and it has become an epidemic. Poverty has been influenced as a result of political instability, conflicts among ethnic groups, climatic change, and other human activities. One of the greatest factors of poverty in Africa is the lack of access to clean drinking water. Approximately 1 billion people do not have access to clean and safe water to drink. With this major problem at hand, we view this as a way of solving the problem.

Water is important because it's life. Without clean water it is almost impossible to break out of the cycle of poverty. Many children especially women develop water-borne diseases to the point of death. Most villages in Africa do not have clean water and hence, they have to travel miles in search of water to keep their family alive. Without proper water, survival will not be possible and many lives will be diminished. SOSUIBEN have been working with others to develop a water project so that residents can have access to clean water. Our goal is to bring clean & sustainable water supplies within 1 kilometre of a village. With this project at hand more communities can have access to clean water, thus working their way out of poverty.

We have also built wells in communities that will make agriculture sustainable and effective. With us doing this project, children will get a chance to go to school instead of searching for water all day. Most of the time, water collected is impure and unsafe for drinking. Parents especially fathers will find more time to take care of their family & keep their farms established.

We also ensure that clean water is accessible at orphanage sites, schools, and also at village drill sites where villagers can get clean water. We endeavour to see that they purchase bottled water so the children can hydrate themselves. With contaminated and unpolluted water in Africa, not only humans get sick but also livestock and therefore have developed numerous irrigation systems where water can be channelled to various parts of the village and to farm sites. Residents in these areas help us with labour on a daily basis because they appreciate what we are doing. Many countries outside of Africa have been working with us for a better development of our clean water projects.

The lives of the people of Africa have been greatly touched by our work. We will continue to serve them to ensure that mortality rate will decrease and the lifespan of individuals will increase, especially children. We have seen great results from our projects such as flourishing of agricultural products and also on the dehydration of the residents, especially children. We have realized that our projects are effective and the executions are operative, due to which more children are able to attend school regularly instead of searching for water all day. Women also get to do more duties in the household while fathers get the chance to generate more income for their families. With us helping them to have clean water, the life of everyone is changing and especially women, who are being empowered by this clean water initiative.