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Women Empowerment

Some women in deep rural Africa have been through a lot. They have not had a fair share of life. Notably they have to deal with the high level of poverty and the day to day search for food and water, sometimes seen with their babies on their backs, and the water on their heads. In Africa, women face long hours yearly, walking long distances in search of water. It is estimated that 72% of the water collected in Sub-Saharan Africa is collected by women. In utmost African homesteads, the duty of water gathering and all issues relating to water lies with women who have to trek long distances to get water for their families.

SOSUIBEN works very hard to resolve these problems for women by establishing mechanised farming practices and water projects in the villages, seeking mainly to empower them. We ensure women get the chance to use these resources which were not available to them. With this availability, there is then easier access to water sources and nutritious food without hard labour. In this scenario women get to profit the most since they were the ones who would normally fetch water for the families. Apparently whenever there is a water problem in Africa, women are the ones who are faced with the water crisis.

With water and scarcity of mass agricultural productivity being a great issue in Africa despite living in a continent blessed with abundance of natural resources, women do not have the time to engage in productive and leisure activities because their main job is to walk miles in search of water and cultivating the farmlands using crude hoes and knives. These women at times do not get the chance to maximize their full potentials, so with SOSUIBEN farming and water project the women have gotten the chance to be productive; the younger girls can get the chance to go to school regularly, and to focus on their studies.

We ensure that women are educated about their values and their true potentials. With the positive effects of our programmes the women are able to compete on the same platform with the men. We also include women in our physical activities, such as football, swimming, track and field.

SOSUIBEN have also partnered with various organizations who continue to support women and children in the Countries we operate in Africa. With this partnership, the women are provided special supplies such as sanitary wears, clothes, food items, and other vital life sustaining materials. Without a doubt we have been doing a great work in the lives of the women. This is indicative in the sense that the women we helped in the past are now able to have the opportunity to work and earn income for their families and they are doing so with great pride and smiles in their faces. Through our women empowerment programme the women are now able to get jobs that used to be dominated by men. We promote gender equality among men and women and thus the women feel empowered as the needed resources are made available to everyone without bias.

At SOSUIBEN we make it a priority to give the women and teenage girls access to Counsellors who coach and help them understand their values while they get the opportunity to speak about things that are affecting them. All these have brought about incredible quality in mental, physical and socio-economic aspects of the lives of women in Africa.