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The Youths are our treasure and we care very much about them. We work hard to see them be successful and enhance their full potentials. We ensure that we secure their futures by enrolling them in Schools as well as getting them to be a part of physical activities we provide. This we believe will obviously help them to be leaders and creators of brighter future for the generations to come. Some of these youths come from very poor backgrounds with almost no future left for them to dream of.

At SOSUIBEN we ensure that these youths are restored and properly cared for in a way that they will be effective products of the society. Our youths are given a chance to explore their talents and skills through various medium. They're engaged in physical activities such as football, handball, basket, cricket, even females are given a chance to play football. We ensure that we promote equality and equity among our youths. With us, every youth has a chance to get to know his/her true values, maximize them and in return use the optimized values to help develop their society at large. We believe that if these youths are restored, Africa can also be restored because they hold the future.

Most of these youths’ family members and relatives are not able to assist them and so if they continue in their devastating state this will negatively impact the society, thereby posing catastrophic threat to our collective existence. Many of the youths who joined our programme were not able to read and or write initially but through the help of our inhouse teachers and through sending them to Schools to earn formal education we have been able to get them to do optimally well academically, as well as in in other fields. These fields include: carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, arts, making homecrafts, sports and other vital areas. SOSUIBEN youths are given the chance to show the world what they are made of and can do. We believe and understand that the youths have the right to education, healthcare, sports, clean water, nutritious foods, good infrastructure, and love and we have made a vow to provide them these basic amenities because it is in our DNA to right the wrongs and save the lost.

We know the youths we train are the new and future generation who will be able to correct the wrongs of their fathers, forefathers and also the ills of the mindless politicians who prey on these vulnerable youths.

We are proud to say that the families whose children and youths we are helping in Africa are immensely happy with what we're doing in the children's lives and are grateful for our tremendous efforts, outstanding performances and practical results. We aspire to help these youths to reap the opportunities that lie ahead of them and to be agents of change. Unarguably SOSUIBEN youths are improving and showing great potential of being strong leaders, not only in their homes but also in their Communities. Some have gone on to become National Footballer Players for their respective Countries. No joy or reward is greater than seeing a Child Soldier you picked up on the street of a war torn Country, growing up under your care and maturing to don his Country’ National Football jersey and proudly representing his Country in Soccer games and not in militant thuggery. These improvements continue to encourage us despite the financial and security challenges that we face in helping them. When we see them smile it gives us the hope to strive on. Surely we will continue to work with them and also to partner with other organizations who are willing to donate to this cause of helping the children of Africa to have a better life and a brighter future. This is our grand vision and we cannot shy away from it!